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40-year old male patient with chronic venous insufficiency and a venous leg ulcer on the lower leg following a trauma


Treatment during 6 months with modern wound dressings without improvement. Compression therapy was not performed consistently.


Wound cleansing with saline solution, application of  and coverage with a protective wound contact layer and a non-woven gauze. Due to severe pain a protective wound contact layer was used under the non-woven gauze in order to be 100% sure that the gauze did not adhere to the wound. In addition, compression therapy was adjusted and performed consistently.


Wound closure within 42 days.


Dr. S. Läuchli, MD, Switzerland

“This case shows how important a causal therapy is when treating wounds. The wound healing process stagnated until the compression therapy was performd consistently. The use of   led to an impressive granulation once the wound had the chance to heal. In addition,   enabled a very simple and pain-free dressing change. This was particularly helpful for this patient as he was very scared to experience pain during the dressing changes.”

Day 1
Day 8
Day 24
Day 42