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1 Primary Wound Dressing Spray approved for use in children

We are very happy to announce that 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® has been approved for use in the treatment of pediatric wounds.

The necessary clinical data has been generated by a team of health care specialists to demonstrate the safe and effective use of 1 PRIMARY WOUND DRESSING® in the treatment of children’s wounds from the age of 1 month.

We already have a pediatric burns paper published in the Journal of Wound Care which highlights that one of the most important aims when treating paediatric burn patients is to alleviate their pain as much as possible. The burn pain and wound care procedures often increase burn patients’ anxieties, which exacerbates their perception of pain. This is especially true for children, who, owing to their fear of pain, typically experience a high level of anxiety before and during burn wound care treatment.  The  most remarkable clinical implications of this study finding are related to the possibility to reduce the use of topical antimicrobials/disinfectants without exposing the patients at risk of infective complications, while at the same time obtaining pain relief and a high quality cosmetic outcome.