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78-year old male patient with parchment skin and a traumatic wound after falling

The treatment with  started directly after the fall.

  was applied onto the wound and surrounding skin area after cleansing with water. The wound was covered with a fatty gauze for 10 days and with a non-woven gauze held in place with a self-adhesive gauze bandage for the remaining treatment.

Wound closure within 21 days.

Karin Eggenberger, wound expert, Switzerland

Despite parchment skin trauma being a simple acute wound, its treatment is often challenging. The main problem is the potential adherence of a secondary dressing, which can lead to a traumatic wound opening when changing the dressing. The application of    in combination with a fatty gauze prevents this. It was the patient‘s wish to use a fatty gauze as secondary dressing as he was very scared of pain during the dressing change. If applied daily, a non-woven gauze as secondary dressing is enough, as the oil film prevents adherence of the gauze as well. In addition, the peri-wound skin is nutured when using   and the newly formed skin seems to be very robust.”

Day 1
Day 7
Day 14
Day 21