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Can 1PWD cause irritations or allergic reactions?

For the notification, the product was tested for irritation and sensitisation (delayed-type hypersensitivity test). All results were negative. During the Post Marketing Surveillance, an allergic reaction to   was reported in 3 of 200 cases. All the patients reporting an allergic reaction suffered from multiple allergies.

Does the Hypericin in 1PWD have an antidepressant effect?


Have oil residues to be removed during dressing change?


Is the content of the spray contaminated after the first treatment? How long is the storage life after the first treatment?

No. As the spray contains probellants, no air is soaked into the spray can during the application. Avoid contact of the actuator with the wound.  may be stored until expiration date indicated on the Package.

What is the active ingredient in 1PWD ?

The mode of action of    is based on the physical properties of the oil film and its fatty acids.

Which secondary dressings can be used in combination with 1PWD ?

Generally  can be combined with any non-medicated wound dressing. Recommended is a non-woven gauze or a absorber that is adjusted to the wound exudate.

Because of it’s fine texture the ideal secondary dressing is a non woven gauze (for instance Cutisoft from BSN Medical, Medicomp from Hartmann, Nobato from Noba, Topper from J&J or Viwasoft from L&R). Furthermore a closed meshed gauze or combined absorbent dressings are recommended for light exudation (e.g. Askina Pad from Braun, Mesorb from Mölnycke, Telfa from Tyco, Zetuvit from Hartmann). In case of strong exudation, a superabsorbent secondary dressing is recommended (e.g. Sorbion Sachet).

Does 1PWD occlude the wound?

No,  is semi-occlusive. The exudate can drain off without problems.