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18-year old female patient with a burn wound (grade IIa) on her knee


Start treatment with    24 hours after the accident. Initially, the wound could not be cooled due to a lack of cooling options.


Wound cleansing with saline solution and application
of   . Coverage with a non-woven gauze and fixation with an elastic bandage (alternative: tube gauze).


Wound closure within 13 days.


Dr. M. Palombi, MD, Italy

“In a burn situation like this one (epidermis and part of dermis burned) the nerve endings are exposed, which causes pain. When applying    the nerve endings are coated with an oil film which leads to a fast and significant pain reduction. Since   supports healthy skin function, the elasticity of the newly formed skin is greater, which supports the mobility of the affected body part.”

Day 1
Day 3
Day 9
Day 13