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47-year old male patient with an abscess on the thigh following an injection


The abscess was surgically opened and the wound rinsed, followed by 6 weeks of treatement with modern wound care products. After initial granulation, the wound healing process stagnated.


Wound cleansing with saline solution, application of and wound coverage with  a non-woven gauze and a plaster. Initially, wound cavity was filled with the corner of the non-woven gauze.


Wound closure within 38 days.

Dr. A. Lenz, MD, Switzerland

“After applying    the oil flows into the wound and distributes equally within the entire wound cavity. This enables the granulation from the wound bed and therefore reduces the risk that the wound edges close faster than the wound granulates. In addition, a corner of the non-woven gauze was lled into the wound cavity in order to reduce this risk further. Thanks to the spray application, the dressing change is very simple and fast.”

Day 1
Day 6
Day 14
Day 34